Legnoform leading manufacturer of semi finished hornbeam

Legnoform is a leading manufacturer of semi finished hornbeam -and beech- wood blocks and supplier to model makers and shaping works all over the world.
Its manufacturing activity has become part of an established family tradition.
The company was founded in 1952, it was established on the Italian market and abroad thanks to the quality of its products and customer service.
During the 60s Legnoform produced 1.600.000 copies of forms a year.
At the arrival of plastic materials our sector seemed to disappear but instead the company was reborn thanks to the great demand of shoetrees especially abroad for footwear of a certain level.
60% of the company’s production is exported abroad to countries like Mexico, France, Marocco, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Poland and the other 40% remain on the Italian market. The products go to designers and stylists that are involved in the creation of products such as Gucci, Clarks and Prada.
The key to success lies in our perfect synergy between family tradition and technological updating. Family tradition represent an inherited knowledge and great craftsmanship that brings out  the best in the wood, while technological updating offers the most suitable instruments for speeding up the production process.
Craftsmanship is very relevant when working with wood, in fact, several stages of production must be carried out by them.